I Tried To Give Up
Short Film
E. 142nd
Independent Filmmaker
A Producer’s responsibility can vary from project to project and whether the producer is working for a production company or working as an independent. An Independent Producer such as myself, takes on the responsibility of every aspect of the production. From selecting a script to the editing room and on to distribution. If you have a project that may require a producer contact me. Let’s create something worth talking about together!
A Film Director is responsible for taking a script from the paper to motion pictures in a way that He or She artistically envisions. In a nutshell, a Director drives the creative force throughout the production. It is the Director that develops the style, structure and layout that ultimately brings the film to life. If you’re looking for a director for your project we should sit down and talk.
Do you have a video that needs editing? Do you need a video promo created? Contact Me. I began in the Film & Entertainment industry as an editor using cutting software, Motion Graphics, After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Your project deserves a professional editor to create a stunning video or video promotion.

As the film I Tried To Give Up make its way through the Film Festival circuit, here are just a few of the awards received thus far. Continue supporting the works of Ed Love; you never know when his films or TV programs will be coming to your city or town.

Ed Love
I will spend the rest of my life focusing on ONE thing. Telling stories thru motion pictures.
Apartment 5210
TV Series
4 Families, 4 Stories, lots of laughs and an occasional shed of tears Welcome to Apartment 5210
I Tried To Give Up
A convicted felon finds that his past life Isn’t completely erased from the minds Of his past victims. Will he return to the Streets? Or remain in his new-found Faith.
E. 142nd
All of the answers are inside a place that breeds confusion, fear, doubt Insecurities, identity crisis and low self esteem.
Laughing Mad
The laughs never stop and the food Well, it brings the town together for A good time with family and friends.